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Galactic Math LITE

4.3 ( 9163 ratings )
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Developer: NSG Soft

New, better version!
Enjoy in math:)

In a nutshell: Galactic Math game allows to improve algebra skills
while playing and having fun - maths doesnt have to be boring, you
know :-) This game makes mathematics real fun!

Enjoy a dynamic arcade game while solving loads and loads of equations!
Dont be afraid - you wont have to do this in that boring
school-fashion - instead you will be fighting enemy space-ships and
defending yourself from pesky meteorites while simultaneously utilizing all
(well, most of) your brain power to work out mathematical solutions. You
will earn money with each solved equation - you can exchange your fortune
for stuff which will enhance your ships arcade capabilities.

With stunning graphics, dynamic arcade action and five skill levels, this
game is suitable both for children, teens and adults alike. It will provide
hours of fun (and learning) for the whole family.

Parents: Want to beat your son or daughter at maths? Before you do, get
that iPhone or iPad and practice your rusty maths a bit. It will be great
fun, guaranteed! Oh, and make sure you dont choose the highest skill
level ;-)

Kids: Want to show that you are no slouch at maths and that games are not
as bad your parents tell you? Your game skills will help a lot here, but
youll have to think as well. Show em you have fine brains, too!
Beat them!

This a LITE verion, so you can get it for free, but you cant change difficulty
level (~300 equations), have only one ship to chose, and earn only 30 coins.

Benefits to players (kids and adults alike):

- 9,200 equations to give you a lot of math skills training!
- Want to win? There are only 1,000 equations to be solved in a single play
(assigned randomly)
- Five levels of difficulty making this game a good choice for a rookie and
a maths pro alike ;-)
- Trains pilot skills (just joking, hahaha) - the game does train your
divided attention skill, though!
- Allows you to verify your math skills (comes handy if you feel you are a
real champion)

Some nice features:

- stunning graphics (really!)
- control your ship either by touch or accelerometer
- fight a variety of enemies and obstacles (from hard-to-kill motherships,
through "kamikaze" space-fighter squads to meteorites)
- choose from a range of spaceships, each one with slightly different
parameters (resilience, firepower etc)
- earn money with each solved equation and spend it to boost your ship with
add-ons to increase speed and firepower
- enjoy (or curse) the increasing difficulty of the arcade as the game
"learns" to fight back

Ready to go? Good. Now, enjoy your math/arcade challenge!